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Amanda Whitworth is a teaching artist residing in  central New Hampshire, USA, with a passion for interdisciplinary collaboration and networking.  She was recently awarded a Vermiel Medal from the Arts-Sciences-Lettres

Société Académique d'encouragement et d'éducation in Paris, France for her work as a collaborative artist.  Named one of the state’s “40 Under 40”  impactful people in 2019, she continues to work as a performer of dance and physical theatre with choreographers and organizations both nationally and internationally. Ms. Whitworth is committed to diversifying her work and collaborates with partners on large-scale projects. 

As the Director of Dance at Plymouth State University, Ms. Whitworth has moved the curriculum toward interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative performances.  Highly unique in academia, the "Dance Entrepreneurship" degree concentration/track has spearheaded networks of growth, service and advocacy across New England through innovative partnerships with on and off campus constituents including Canterbury Shaker Village, Art Front- Manchester, Pemi Arts Region Community Group, Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire and Ashland Elementary School to name a few.  

Deeply passionate about the visibility and equity of dance across northern New England, Whitworth and a team of dance professionals founded the New Hampshire Dance Alliance, 501(c)(3) in 2015.  In her term as President, the NHDA played instrumental roles in revising the NH State Curricular Standards for Dance Education with the Department of Education, raised a voice for dance in the creative economy at the State House and Legislative round table sessions, and provided networking and professional development opportunities for dance educators and artists across private and public sectors.  NHDA unveiled a public website with a statewide community calendar and a free repository of resources for dance educators, performers and enthusiasts at: .

Whitworth sustains a deep artistic practice and feels that the rigor embedded in the process of creating and performing art is at the core of all her endeavors.  A sought after master teacher, choreographer and performer, she continues to work locally and abroad in works of dance, theatre, film and physical theatre.  In the past decade, Whitworth, under the alias of Tributary Dance, has focused on collaborative and innovative projects that bring together thinkers from opposing disciplines.  Projects have infused dance into technology, design, 2D and 3D visual art, science, business, and public schools and beyond.

Whitworth is co-founder, along with colleague C. Robin Marcotte, MFA (actor) and partner Bobby Kelly, MD of ARTICINE.  Articine connects artists and medical professionals to create and implement  collaborative wellness experiences for people across New Hampshire.


Owner, Tributary Dance, LLC

Dance Director, Plymouth State University

Board Member, Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire

Steering Committee Secretary, NH Creative Communities Network

Board Member, American College Dance Association


B.F.A Dance, NYU Tisch School of the Arts

M.Ed Integrated Arts Education, Plymouth State University

Standardized Patient Training Educator Certificate, University of Illinois-Chicago

Creative Placemaking Certificate, New England College (formally, New Hampshire Institute of Art )


"40 Under 40"

Boston Voyager Interview

New Hampshire Magazine Feature

Facebook: Tributary Dance

Instagram: Tributary Dance

Twitter: @kidonaswing



Whitworth develops traditional works of dance including evening length ballets for the proscenium stage as well as multi-disciplinary art experiences with collaborators from arts, education, business and technology. She also creates choreography for musical theatre, music videos and corporate events.  

Up Next:

Open Call AUDITIONS  - Somewhere Near Water, Sunday March 15, 2020  10am  - noon.  Manchester, NH

Shadows: A Physical Theatre Drama - New Hampshire Tour - Colonial Theater (Keene), Stockbridge Theater (Derry)  -Dates coming soon.

American College Dance Association - New England Conference hosted  by Middlebury College  March 25-28, 2020.


NH Municipal Association: Driving Downtown Revitalization through Creative Placemaking  November 13, 2019

"Shadows: A Physical Theatre Performance" at the Arts Education Partnership Conference: Culturally Responsive Leadership November 14-15, 2019  Dover, NH

"Floor Van de Velde: Variations on Colorfields" at the McIninich Gallery at Southern NH University 

Filming: November 2 at 5pm

Performance and Conversation: November 13 at 6pm

Performance: December 12 at 6pm




Ashland, New Hampshire, United States

(603) 738-2419

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